Cheryl Cole - Who's That Girl?

Has anyone else noticed Cheryl Cole’s recent amazing fashion transformation? Gone are the Girls Aloud star’s days of fashion faux pas (yes, we do remember the braids, the crop tops and the luminous satin dresses) and in are exquisite cocktail dresses, classic shifts and to die for platforms. Surely there is only one X-Factor winner this year. It’s obvious that the stylists on the show are very different to Mrs Cole’s!

It seems unfair that the girls actually competing on the show are, week after week, squeezed into clothes that are completely wrong for their figures. Take the doomed, and unoriginally named ‘Girl Band’ as a class example. Someone is responsible for squeezing those girls into white mini baby-doll dresses, which were not only unflattering and ageing, but also are so far off trend that they are nearly back in fashion (nearly being the key word here).

Cheryl on the other hand, shines like a catwalk star. Our favourites are the Herve Leger bandage dress and leather jacket combo, that Dolce and Gabbana leopard print mini bandeau with bang on trend pvc leggings and Julien MacDonald Strapless catsuit with stunning gold belt. It may be one of the least ‘cool’ things to admit, but, we can’t wait to see what she’ll be wearing this week!!

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