Charitable Corsetry - The Clothes off our Back

How far would you go to wear a corset for work? Well, newly-married actress Scarlett Johansson, “Scarlett the Harlot”, will not only go to the ends of the earth for fashion, but for beautiful lingerie as well. The Hollywood super-star has been reported to have said that she “would run a brothel, like a madam…for people to see me in a corset.”

The former face of Louis Vuitton is at one with the mystic of a great corset, having participated in a charity auction at which a corset designed by Dita Von Teese sold for £10,000, in aid of The Clothes off our Backs – a celebrity endorsed auction site, that will auction just about anything to raise some awareness and cold, hard, charitable cash; with all proceeds donated to children’s charities.

And it seems that Dita Von Teese is not the only one who feels the need to put her name to some extraordinarily luscious lingerie, the website hosts a number of successful celebrity-designed corsetry auctions, with diverse designs up-for-grabs by Ashley Olsen, Patricia Arquette and Sarah Michelle Gellar. More novel than naughty, the corsets have a general reserve of $300, but for a piece of limited lingerie, it might just be worth it…so if your feeling generous then visit Clothes off our Back, for a perfectly valid excuse to wear your corset to work.

If you fancy buying something to wear a little closer to home, then visit Mio Destino.

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