Celebrity Look-a-likes

A friend of mine sent me a link to My Heritage, which is trialling face-recognition software. On this website you can upload a picture of your face and their software tool analyses your features and shows you which eight celebrities you look most like. I was sceptical, but uploading a picture of Tony Blair and finding that his best match was himself convinced me to have a go.

I found what I thought was one of the more flattering pictures of me and uploaded it, eagerly anticipating the results. The top match:

  • I look 62% likeOrlando Bloom. I was pleased. This result doesn't mean that I am a looker, however: that 38% really does count. Orlandos nose is 38% smaller, his cheekbones 38% higher, his teeth 38% whiter, his hairline 38% lower and his skin 38% clearer. Nevertheless, I was flattered by the websites assessment.
  • The third best match was Jonny Depp. Again, I was pleased.
  • But in-between the two Pirates of the Caribbean stars came an unwelcome celebrity likeness: I am 58% Penelope Cruz. I'm not sure who, out of Penelope and me, that's worse for. But I'm afraid to say, seeing the photos side by side; I have to concede I can see where they're coming from.
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