Celebrity Lingerie Faux Pas

Being a celeb these days is a tough business – you’ve got to look good, dress right, be seen at the best places and now wear exactly the right lingerie. The glare of the paparazzi flashlight is unforgiving to even the most beautiful and well-dressed stars.

Penelope Cruz has been the most recent celeb to get caught out. With her nude bra under black sweater causing, according to Glamour a ‘fashion faux pas’. Glamour goes on to state that she should ‘have followed a couple of very simple lingerie rules: wear a black bra under black sweaters and tops and a nude one under anything white or clingy’.

It’s unfortunate for celebrities that every fashion mistake is photographed, recorded, published and analysed by the press. Although we don’t have the same sympathy for Britney when she forgets her knickers.

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