Celebrity Fashion Lines

The credit crunch must be hitting celeb land hard, because it seems that every reasonably famous person and their mother is creating some form of perfume or fashion line. Some are good, some are bad, and some are down right offensive!

Top of our list to applaud are the Olsen twins. Mary-Kate and Ashley have created a classic and subtle fashion line ‘The Row’, plus a fashion forward and ‘out there’ accessories line named Elizabeth and James (after their other siblings- yes there are more of them). A close second, is Rachel Bilson’s (Summer from the OC) diffusion line in collaboration with DKNY. Again, she’s played it safe with cute blazers, jeans and wearable t-shirts.

Kate MossTopshop range is, although highly commercial in terms of style, over priced in relation to the quality. And whilst we’re talking of over-priced, Victoria Beckham’s recent dip into fashion designing (her creations were unbelievably allowed to show at New York Fashion Week), is testament to celebrities taking advantage of the consumer’s need to buy into a celebrity brand.

Surely no-one in their right mind is going to spend nearly £3000 on a Vicky Beckham creation (which, we note, are all very similar to designs from Mrs B’s favourite designers...)?! And, let’s not even get started on Kerry Katona’s perfume or Jordan’s pony club accessories...

Stick to buying clothes from people who know what they are doing – the designers. Have a look at the stunning lingerie range at Mio Destino which won’t leave you feeling star struck, but will leave you feeling a million dollars.

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