From fragrances and clothing lines celebrities are hardly shy to market their tastes and styles on the dubious public. And now they have started to turn their hand to lingerie in a big way. The latest to turn their attention to this mixture of the subtle and the explicit is the far from shy-and-retiring Pamela Anderson.

Best known for her Baywatch day, (and an internet video of, er, dubious moral fibre…) she wants to create a line of lingerie that, ‘I love to wear and my friends love to wear.’ Even more interestingly she has contemplated making a television show based around how she comes up with these designs – Bustwatch anyone?

The thing is, while people may question her credentials to design her own lingerie, her name and her ‘figure’ will ensure that anything that carries her name has enough connotations to probably means it sells well.

What celebrities decide they need to do next for our lives remains to be seen – The Kiera Knightley Frozen Ready Meals? Or perhaps the Tom Cruise Flower Delivery Service? Maybe even, Vanessa Feltz’s Cat Food range?

The ideas are endless…which is worrying…

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