Celebrities Behaving Badly


Celebrities seem unable to stay out of the news whether it?s for the right or wrong reasons. While I have some sympathy for Britney Spears, it?s hard to imagine how the same girl that so confused 15 year-old-boys when she appeared in ?Hit Me Baby One More Time? would shave her head, then do a ?comeback? that brings nothing but derision, before being dropped by her management label.

Meanwhile OJ Simpson, not content with escaping jail and being found not guilty of the murder of his wife, decided to, allegedly, take part in an armed robbery on a sports memorabilia shop ? which contained items relating to him.

It?s strange that people who are at one time so successful suddenly go into freefall and wind up at a dead-end of D-list celeb level job. Kerry Katona seemed to have it all ? fame in a popular band, an equally famous husband, and children ? and now she does adverts for Iceland (no offence to Iceland, they do some quality frozen food) but it?s hardly glamorous.

Perhaps once you?ve got used to seeing your face in the paper, falling out of nightclub with the rich and powerful, the idea of having to retreat into the scenery and ?to live the rest of your life like a schnook? (to quote Ray Liotta at the end of Goodfellas) is even more painful than having your failing career splashed over the global press

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