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Actress, Romola Garai, describes herself as a self confessed ‘corset geek’ and she always wants to buy corsets. The 27 year-old actress has appeared in so many period dramas that she now associates wearing a corset with going to work. Garai is currently playing the lead role in Jane Austin’s ‘Emma’ which is being aired on BBC One. She said, “It's become a joke in my own life that I now associate going to work with wearing a corset”.
British actress, Garai, was born in Hong Kong and returned to the UK when she was eight. She left University in London after her first year to pursue a career in acting and has since appeared in the films ‘Nicholas Nickleby’, ‘Vanity Fair’ and the Oscar nominated ‘Atonement’ alongside Keira Knightley and James McAvoy.
The actress loves being able to dress up in corsets and beautiful period costumes for her roles, but says that it is important not to rely on costumes to put an actor in character. She prefers to practice her lines first in her own clothes, to ensure she fully appreciates the life behind the character.
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