Burlesque the Movie

The new film called Burlesque is directed by Steven Antin, produced by Donald De Line and it was written by Susannah Grant and sees the stars in the most glamorous burlesque outfits.

The burlesque cabaret film stars Hollywood heavyweights Cher and Christina Aguilera along with Eric Dane, Cam Gigandet, Julianne Hough, Alan Cumming, Kristen Bell, Stanley, Tucci and Peter Gallagher.

The Burlesque movie was released on 24th November 2010 in North America and it is a 2010 contemporary Golden Globe-nominated musical film. If you are hoping to start with burlesque then you might want to try some sexy fancy dress corset and underbust styles from designers such as Vollers, What Katie Did, Eternal Spirits and Velda Lauder.

The plot of Burlesque – don’t read if you want to see the film first!

Ali Rose, played by Christina Aguilera, works as a waitress in a diner in Iowa. Rose is unhappy with her pay and so she quits, taking the money she is owed from the till. Ali Rose then shuts the diner and she performs the Etta James track 'Something's Got a Hold on Me'. Ali heads to her trailer park in Iowa to pack her things before she heads to the train station to book a one way ticket to Los Angeles, California. Rose reaches Los Angeles and starts to look for a job with little success. She then gets an apartment where she hides her money in the bathroom. While Rose is walking along Sunset Boulevard she comes across a dancer who is getting dressed. Ali Rose then goes into the Burlesque club and thinks that it is a strip joint before finding that it is in fact a burlesque club. She meets the front man of the club, played by Alan Cumming, and she decides to give him her cash. Rose then goes over to the bar while Tess, played by Cher, is performing the track 'Welcome to Burlesque'. Rose then meets the bartender Jack, played by Cam Gigandet, and they speak about job vacancies. Jack tells her to speak to the owner of the club Tess. She hears Vince, played by Peter Gallagher, arguing with Tess about the financial problems the burlesque club faces. Rose also overhears that Marcus Gerber, played by Eric Dane, wants to buy the burlesque club but that Tess will not sell. Rose is introduced to Tess and asks for a job as a burlesque dancer and Sean, played by Stanley Tucci, asks her to give her details to Jack for the next auditions for the burlesque club. At that time the burlesque dancers are performing a burlesque routine to Marilyn Monroe's 'Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend' when an arguments erupts with the divas Nikki, played by Kristen Bell, and Georgia, played by Julianne Hough. After the argument Tess then complains to Nikki about being late. Nikki then has an argument with Rose who jokes that she is beautiful for a man. Rose goes back to the bar and sees a waitress who refuses to do her job properly. Rose picks up a tray and starts collecting glasses and taking orders and when spoken to, she tells Jack that she will do a free trial period to prove that she can do a good job and she is then hired.

The following evening, Rose is working at the burlesque club and Sean and Tess ask why she is working and Jack tells them that he hired her. They then watch her waitressing properly and serving Marcus with Champagne. As Rose continues to work in the burlesque lounge she sees the burlesque dancers are miming the songs and she asks Tess why they should not sing the songs. Tess says, 'They don't come to hear them sing'. Tess later walks into the bathroom at the burlesque lounge and sees Georgia vomiting as she is pregnant. Tess and Sean then have the next burlesque dancing auditions and they are not happy with any of the burlesque dancers. Rose puts on music and starts to burlesque dance giving an impromptu audition to the shock of Tess and Sean. Tess is not impressed and Ali then tells Tess that she knows all of the performance routines and she performs a burlesque dance for her that Tess chooses. After a brief discussion they give her a job as a burlesque dancer and she quits waitressing..

Later Rose returns to her apartment to find it has been broken in to and she then finds that the cash she had left in the bathroom had been stolen. Rose goes to Jack's apartment as she has nowhere else to stay and she finds that he is a failed musician. At the burlesque club Tess and Vince are arguing about the finances of the burlesque club and Nikki arrives drunk again and she replaces Nikki in the burlesque performances with Rose. Nikki is angry and she goes to the DJ booth and pulls the plug on the vocals that Rose was miming to. As they are dropping the curtain Rose begins to sing "Tough Lover" to overwhelming success. Rose goes backstage to the cheers of the burlesque dancers and Tess. Tess tells the other burlesque dancers that she will be designing a new burlesque show with Rose as the star performer.

One night after a burlesque show Marcus gives her a lift to her apartment. Rose performs more burlesque tracks and continues to see Marcus who gives her gifts to the dismay of Jack and the others. After another burlesque show Tess finds that she has two days left to settle the loans for the burlesque club before it is repossessed. Tess, upset, then goes on stage to rehearse "You Haven't Seen the Last of Me" before leaving to find a drunken Nikki telling her that she has slept with Vince, her husband, after their honeymoon. As she drives away Tess hits her car with a crowbar.

Georgia and Damon get married and Jack and Rose slow dance at the party. They then return to the apartment with a very drunk Jack is intoxicated he tells her goodnight and leaves and returns in pajamas to lock his door. Jack walks through the apartment to the kitchen wearing nothing and saying that he is hungry to the deep embarrassment of Rose. He grabs of box of cookies and holds them over his private parts offering Rose a cookie. After this the two eventually kiss and fall for each other. During this, Jack's fiancée, Natalie, played by Dianna Agron, finds them both in bed and tells Rose that they had not broken up as Jack had said. Jack asks Rose to go and an upset Rose goes to Sean's apartment where she finds the DJ 'Mark', played by David Walton. The two get on well as Rose makes some coffee and she receives a call from Marcus and she leaves before Jack arrives.

Rose goes to Marcus’ home and sees the plan for high rise buildings and she is informed that he would be demolishing the burlesque club to build high rise offices. Rose is very upset and leaves. Backstage at the burlesque club Tess is getting drunk because of the financial difficulties and Rose walks in demanding to see Tess who will not see her. After an argument Arose tells Tess what Marcus plans to do with the burlesque club. As Rose came into the burlesque club she saw the saying on the wall 'The best view in Sunset Boulevard' and she has an idea. Tess and Rose then walk across to the tower blocks across the street and tell them about the plans for the development of the burlesque club. The owner of the apartments is unhappy with this and they tell him that he can buy air rights to protect the view and they then sell theirs to him which allows them to pay the debts of the burlesque club. Tess buys out Vince with the cash from the sale of the Air Rights and Nikki tells Tess that she did not actually sleep with Vince and that she was just trying to upset her. Shortly afterwards Tess offers Nikki her burlesque dancer job under certain terms. Jack finds Rose backstage and explains that he is sorry and the two get back together. Jack gives Rose the music to a song he had written, "Show Me How You Burlesque", which Rose and the other burlesque dancers perform as the finale to the burlesque film with Georgia and Nikki performing.

What is burlesque?

is a fun form of theatrical entertainment with gross exaggeration and parody.

The origin of the word, burlesque, is not clear with most likely root being the French term, burlesque, which comes from the Italian word, burlesco, which itself comes from the word, burla, which means joke or ‘to send up’ and is of Spanish origin.

At the start of the 1700s, the word burlesque was being used across Europe to describe musical works which combined serious and comic elements to give a grotesque style. The early burlesque was a type of parody in which a serious opera or classical theatre piece was adapted in a risqué style that ridiculed the stage conventions of the time. This form of burlesque became very popular in the late 1800s particularly in the UK at theatres like the Gaiety and the Olympic in London. Burlesque, in the UK, was very middle class and it was full of double entendre and often had female stars in the lead male roles which gave burlesque a very risqué and popular appeal. The form soon migrated over to the music halls and the working classes with burlesque performers doing political and social satire.

At the beginning of the 1900s American burlesque evolved into a popular blend of performance, satire, and adult entertainment with striptease and comic act. The word, burlesque, was used to describe these adult revue shows involving characters, gimmicks, themes and striptease acts.

In burlesque shows the performers are normally female and they use elaborate sets with wildly colourful costumes, exotic corsets and waspies, dramatic lighting and mood-appropriate music. Burlesque dancers also use novelty acts, such as contortionists or fire breathing to give a greater impact for their performance.

Burlesque is a style of live entertainment that encompasses pastiche, parody, and wit. The genre traditionally encompasses a variety of acts such as dancing girls, chanson singers, comedians, mime artists, and striptease artistes, all satirical and with a saucy edge. The saucy striptease part of burlesque fell foul of extensive local legislation which gave rise to a burlesque form that titillated the audience but which would not enrage the censors.

At the end of the 19th century burlesque has begun to get some form of guidelines. Burlesque was expected to be lacking complexity and full of quick-witted humor sprinkled with puns. The burlesque dances were to be short with minimal plot cohesion across a performance. Burlesque used little costuming which was wildly erotic and which focused on the female body. Burlesque was expected to be dance and sexually suggestive. There has been an enormous demand in recent years for burlesque dancing lessons, costumes, clubs and particularly in the big cities such as London and New York.

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