Britney Spears in Yet Another Sexy Vid

Britney Spears has never had any qualms over publically parading around in little more than a corset and briefs, and her new video for her single, Womaniser, is no exception. The singer will be making a come back next month and is determined to show the world that she is still capable of performing fun and sexy pop music.

Images of her new video have leaked, although the release date has been put back until November 24th because the producers want to make some final tweaks. It is rumoured that, the 26 year old Britney looks healthy and happy in the video, where she plays a sassy secretary and vampy waitress. Britney sports fake tattoos for the vid and a range of costume changes, including leather trousers and black corset tops.

The singer’s sixth album Circus, is out in December and that first performance off her album in the UK will be on ITV’s X-Factor.

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