Britney in Marlies Dekkers lingerie.

Britney Spears has successfully had the first night of her ‘Circus’ tour – the first since 2004 and it seems she was desperate to impress, in anyway possible. While some critics were disappointed at her lip synching it would be hard not to be taken aback by a dozen costume changes. In order to catch the attention of her audience Britney ensured many of her costumes were not much more than lingerie.

Included in the assortment of lingerie were pieces from one of Mio Destino’s top designers which included a Swarovski covered bra! The revealing outfits, accompanied by ‘strutting and stripper-like shimmying’ only helped to move her further away from her clean cut 90’s image.

With ‘Circus’ the theme Britney Spears could really go to town – appearing as a tattooed ‘freak’ (thanks to a decorated body stocking, by Marlies Dekkers), ring master and of course a sexy police officer. But, did the entire spectacular really impress? Well, it seems not to matter how much sparkle you put on your bra what’s most important to the critics is the music. According to the Daily Mail one critic noted that for ‘all the sex, fire and stomp-and-slither choreography can't disguise the fact that the production needs a bigger, purely musical core’. Poor Britney, she never seems to quite get it right.

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