Breasts � what shape do you want?

Fancy getting your hands on Liz Hurley breast? Well, with the help of a plastic surgeon you can now have your vary own pair of teardrop breasts.

If unlike Liz you haven't been blessed with dream boobs, you can now choose from a range of different implants, according to a Times article.

All in all there are around 140 different sizes and shapes to choose from. The main styles are:

Moderate Profile

These are the ultimate in pertness, but beware especially if you're skinny as they may end up sticking straight out. Like Victoria Beckham

High Profile

Old school film-star favourite boob styles like Anna Nicole Smith. These breasts are usually very, very big and sit just below the collarbone. Not very classy.

Low Profile

These breasts cover a large area but aren't necessarily very big. The volume is spread out across the breast as shown by Madonna above.

The Teardrop

This is a fairly new implant style that looks a lot more real than other categories. The breasts don?t sit unnaturally high up, nor do they stick straight out. Liz Hurley looks great with the teardrop implants!

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