Bras, Burlesque Style, for Katy Perry

Katy Perry’s burlesque inspired, colourful, sparkly outfits that she donned at this year’s V Festival were certainly eye-catching. Fishnets, red sequined high-waisted shorts, paired with a gorgeous bustier top covered in cute strawberries, Katy looked every part the glamorous performer whilst retaining the playfulness she is famed for. She’s no stranger to wearing visible lingerie on stage so it came as no surprise when another outfit featured an amazing bejewelled bra which certainly secured Katy’s place as pop princess.

Katy certainly seems to be enjoying her year of success so far with the V Festival performance being the highlight. After the show she happily tweeted ‘Now THAT was a f**kin show! Today was a cherry on top of this wonderful year, thanks Brits, you’re boss! Off to din din now. GIRL TALK!’ It has been a hectic year for Miss Perry who rose to fame only last year but has fast become a firm favourite amongst fans and the pop industry alike as well as the fashion magazines for her eccentric style.

According to the official Katy Perry website; ‘fans do seem to respond to Perry's approachable girl-next-door quality (if the girl next door were a self-described "glamour ninja" and looked that good in lingerie), perhaps because it's not an act. ‘We can only hope that Perry’s musical journey continues, because quite frankly Mio Destino can’t wait to see more fantastic outfits!

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