Bowled over by Bond Girl

Bowled Over by Bond Girl Eva Green

Who?s going to see the next bond film? I know I am. Why am I so set, even though the film isn?t out until November? Because the new lead bond girl has just been announced and, well, I think I am in love?

Former model Olga Kurylenko has been chosen as the new girl to get pulses racing, and keep the new updated (and far less cheesy) Bond franchise returning strongly. I was a big fan of Eva Green (oh and Daniel Craig) in the last Bond film, and as a poker fan it was a perfect mix of action, cards and girls. But Eva is already a hazy memory compared to the latest actresses to be awarded the coveted position of ?Bond girl?.

It?s a sad fact that I will probably (?probably? because you have to stay optimistic) never get to date a bond girl. Ah well, if not the cinema will have to do...

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