Bikini Babe treat for John and Edward



As the X Factor continues to keep the nation home on Saturday nights, there is one act everyone is talking about. You know what I’m going to say, John and Edward! Last week they performed ‘She bangs’, by Ricky Martin, surrounded by a gaggle of pretty girls in bikinis.

When the twelve finalists were chosen to perform in the live shows, most of the public were surprised when judge, Louis Walsh, put the cheeky duo through. They have divided the nation ever since with Louis claiming that they are great entertainment whilst the likes of Simon Cowell call them ‘a joke’.

It was hard to top their performance of the Britney Spears classic ‘Oops I did it again’ from the previous week, but the boys certainly owned the stage with last week’s performance. They wore contrasting pink and green suits on stage and were surrounded by older girls wearing bikini tops and tiny rara skirts.
John and Edward will no doubt have a successful single out not long after the New Year, but if they won the show over top singers like Jamie Archer, Stacey Soloman or Joe McElderry, it could considerably damage X Factor’s credibility. What is clear though is that they are grateful for every chance they get. They know they’re not great singers, but great entertainment? Perhaps they are.
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If it was bikinis last week then who knows next week.....babydolls, camisoles or some other form of designer lingerie!

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