Big Bushy Brows

Throw away those tweezers ladies… this season’s hottest look for the eyebrow is big and bushy! As seen on many a catwalk this season including Prada, Phillip Lim and DSquared, the big eyebrow is in. However, before you conjure up images of an out of control monobrow, that’s not quite the big and bushy I’m talking about.

Many of us couldn’t resist the lure of the tweezers as a teenager when make-up and appearance first became appealing, unfortunately that may have left some of us less endowed in the eyebrow department. Not to fear though, a trick of the eye (and maybe a few products) can help. By applying eye shadow in a shade similar to your natural hair colour with a thin brush and some conning combing of the hair no one need ever know you were too pluck happy as a teenager!

The eyebrow draws attention to the eye, which some believe is the best feature of the face, so surely it deserves to be the best it can be! For inspiration or simply observation of this new craze take a look at the ladies in the spotlight who have been blessed with the fabulous, sharp shape of the big brow such as Keira Knightley, Erin O’Connor and just about every model on the Autumn/Winter 08/09 catwalk!

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