This Saturday saw Angelina Jolie give birth to her twins with Brad Pitt in a private, �4,000 a night birthing suite at a hospital in France that was especially re-decorated to her specifications. Knox Leon and Vivienne Marchelin are already bringing in the big bucks though, just like their parents, with bidding for their first baby pictures reaching over $11m (�5.5m)! Oh to dear to dream�

This amount is far more than they got for pictures of their first baby, at only $4.1m though of course there is the double the �cuteness� factor to be considered this time. Their clan now amounts to six kids and there are rumours that they will be adopting another child from Africa in the near future. Phew!

I bet Angelina must have built up a nice collection of sexy nursing lingerie in her wardrobe by now�

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