A Love Affair With Lingerie

Helena Christensen is one of the many celebrities that has an obsession with lingerie.
She says in her article for The London Evening Standard- “For some mysterious reason I get a kick out of knowing that underneath my clothes I'm wearing something beautiful and delicate next to my skin. It's the first thing you put on in the morning after you shower, the first layer on the canvas.”
We at Mio Destino lingerie don’t think that it is quite such a mystery but we certainly agree- most women like the feeling of wearing something a little bit special underneath their everyday work clothes. If you can’t experiment with your clothes (perhaps your job requires uniform or clothing regulations you have to comply with) its fun to experiment with your under garments- something that can’t be obviously seen but knowing that your wearing it can give yourself enough satisfaction as it is. As Helena rightly says, wearing pretty lingerie can “carry you gracefully through the day”.
And what is Helena Christensen’s favourite type of lingerie? “I love wearing vintage waist-high knickers and long, fitted bras, almost like a body suit cut in half. They make your waist look teeny, and emphasise full hips and bosoms”
Well perhaps she’d like these vintage style high-waisted knickers by What Katie Did?

What Katie Did Black Deco High Waisted Briefs

Or this black long line bra?
What Katie Did Glamour Shape Wear Black Longline Bra

However she also says-
“I prefer to wear pieces that you can barely feel you have on, that emphasise your individual shape, but feel like they're made out of the finest cobweb or feathers, almost like a whisper on your skin…”

The Sally Jones Monroe Pink Silk and Ivory Lace Soft Cup Bra is so very delicate and pretty

Or get a red satin bra similar to Helena and don’t be afraid to show it off a bit- “I recently bought a red silk set to show under a tiny little top – just a bright strap peeping out”

Miss La La Boite Du Chocolat Padded Bra

Helena Christensen goes on to say- “I love stockings and suspenders – they're what I imagine classy women from the 1950s such as Catherine Deneuve and Brigitte Bardot wore under their tight skirts.”

Well how about What Katie Did's Madeleine White Lace Suspender Belt? for some old hollywood glamour.

We also believe that wearing beautiful lingerie isn’t just about whether someone is going to see it, it is for ourselves. If you, the wearer, think that you look sexy in the lingerie that you’re wearing than you ooze confidence which is what is really sexy. It can’t be seen by all, it’s not a disguise or an expression of your personality to others like clothes can very often be, it’s something beneath our clothes that can make us feel better about ourselves. It’s personal to you and is an expression to only yourself and your partner. Especially for the more reserved shy type that don’t feel comfortable wearing clothes that ooze sex appeal, just knowing that they are wearing sexy lingerie beneath their very ordinary jeans and t-shirt can help spark self esteem- and nothing is sexier than a woman who is confident in herself!
Women today are strong independent and vibrant, and believe it or not, the psychology that comes with lingerie has a lot to do with it! It certainly makes Helena Christensen feel better and it makes us feel proud to be women.
Mio Destino x

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