2007: The year of the Sequel

Has anyone else noticed that there are scores of sequels out this summer? I saw Shrek the Third a few days ago, but I could have chosen to see Pirates of the Caribbean III, Die Hard IV, or perhaps Harry Potter V. I'm eagerly awaiting Rush Hour III and the third Jason Bourne film due to be released this month. I also must have missed twelve Ocean's films, because number thirteen has been very popular this summer. There are, then, more roman numerals on a cinema listing than on an old sundial at the moment.

What has caused this plethora of sequels? Is Hollywood running out of new ideas? Do the film studios think that only sequels will guarantee profits? Some witty, and very talented, amateur filmmakers parodied Hollywoods obsession with cashing-in on successful first films by creating a brilliant trailer for Titanic II. You may have seen it before, but its worth another watch!

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