Shapewear underwear for women.

  • Corsets are the perfect addition to a womans shapewear wardrobe.

    Mio Destino Overbust purple Corset with swarovski crystals Mio Destino Overbust Corset - perfect high fashion giving a woman an hourglass figure.

    A corset is a must have for the fashion conscious among us. They give a great hourglass shape and are real head turners. Once the preserve of the high-class dinner, dance they are now seen much more as an everyday staple.

    They are a must have in the goth, vintage, rockabilly/pinup, burlesque or steampunk scenes and many women chose them as bridal wear.

    Corsetry has a long and rich history and is very much in vogue now as the most glamorous of shapewear.

    There are many colours, materials, shapes and styles to suit all tastes and they can be seen adorning women wearing everything from jeans to a ballgown.

    The different types of corset include:


    Flat-front style corsets – with a strong Victorian influence.

    Sweetheart neckline corsets. A popular choice for brides.

    Overbust Corsets - Cupped corsets with built-in pads and the sensual Lingerie corsets which are often worn with a G-string with either built-in or detachable garters to hold up your stockings.

    Underbust Corsets -The Longline, Cincher, Halter and Cross-back style corsets, Waspie, Waist trainers and the Bodice.

    Why not look at the Mio Destino Corsets ?

    We are sorry to note that Cazar lingerie, the online German fashion website has now closed down. It was one of the early, front-runners in the online intimate apparel sector and will be sorely missed.

  • Top 5 Shapewear Must-Haves for a Show-Stopping Figure at your Next Party

    Discover Mio Destino's top 5 picks for your sleek party look. Give yourself the confidence kick you need to twirl around the dance floor in your favourite frock!

    1. Miraclesuit Rear Lifting Boyshort

    Rear lifting boyshort by Miraclesuit










    A Miraclesuit favourite! Give yourself a boost with this waistline rear lifting boyshort. A supportive band fits under your derriere to give your figure and your confidence an uplift. Totally invisible under your clothing, you can achieve the sleek definition you want with this innovative shapewear.


    2. Naomi and Nicole Smooth Away Torselette Bodybriefer

    Naomi and Nicole Torselette Bodybriefer











    Luxuriously smooth, this torselette bodybriefer will define and slim you waist, midriff, tummy, hips and back. It features Naomi and Nicole’s ‘wonderful edges’ to provide a sleek, line-free look under your clothing and provide a smooth base for soft materials to drape over. The neckline fits underneath your bust, allowing you to match it with any bra you choose.


    3. Cupid Light Control Half Slip

    Cupid Light Control Half Slip











    Ideal for use under tight fitted dresses and skirts, this light control slip helps to comfortably slim your hips. The slip is lightweight and smooth, featuring seamless edges for a sleek look under your clothing. Cupid recommend this as a great starting point to anyone new to shapewear


    4. Miraclesuit Fuller Figure Hi-Waist Thigh Slimmer

    Miraclesuit fuller figure hi wiast thigh slimmer











    Available in sizes 3XL to 5XL, this fabulous shapewear is designed to give a flawless look to the fuller figure. It will slim your waist, tummy, hips and thighs to give you the confidence you need to flaunt your feminine curves in your favourite evening dress. The back features a silicone edging to keep the garment in place, and ensure you are comfortable and well supported.


    5. Miraclesuit Waist Cincher

    Miraclesuit waist cincer

    Get a slimmer waistline in seconds with this gorgeous waist cincher. Featuring light boning for added support and firm shaping, you will get the confidence boost you need to wear your elegant evening gown or wedding dress. It is also quick and easy to put on via the forward facing hook and eye fastenings.


  • Lingerie Guide: The Dress You’re wearing And The Shape Wear Lingerie You’ll Need

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    Mio's Guide To Your Best Kept Supporting Lingerie Secrets

    With a summer chock full of events and occasions you've probably got all your outfits at the ready. Now the next step is finding that perfect lingerie to go with the dress; lingerie that won't be seen, that keeps you comfortable and even enhances your figure at the same time. We've put together a guide to help you match the dress you're wearing to the lingerie you'll need.

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    strapless dressThe strapless dress is a staple of the event dress wardrobe. Baring the shoulders is both classic and classy showing just enough skin to be sexy but not so much as to scandalize Aunty Martha at the family wedding.





    Key Issue: You need a bra that is supportive and strapless, one you can count on not to slip down because no one looks good yanking up a descending strapless bra. The bra should help keep the dress in place and stop it from doing the same southward dive.

    The Solution: 

    Body Wrap Regular Strapless Slenderizer Nude U-Wired Slip

    The Body Wrap Regular strapless nude control slip has a built-in bra for support. The moulded bra cups feature underwire for shape and lift. The 25% elastane fabric lifts the derriere and slims the hips, thighs and tummy. The slip has no seams making it invisible under clothing. The slip comes with nude and clear removable shoulder straps. This Body Wrap control slip is aso available in black.




    skin tight dress, lingerie solutions, shape wear

    The skin tight dress is the classic weapon of mass seduction, perfect for that special date with your love, showing your ex what he’s missing or simply dressing to impress for a girls night out.





    Key Issue: A skin tight dress can be both tantalizing and terrifying if the correct lingerie is not worn underneath. The least forgiving of all dress styles, the skin tight body con or bias cut dress hides nothing and reveals a great deal so smooth, nipped in curves are what you need and certainly no VPL.

     The Solution:

    Miraclesuit Shapewear Sexy Sheer Black SingletteMiraclesuit Shapewear sexy sheer black singlette features an opaque black body to slim the tummy, back and derriere and sexy sheer mesh thigh slimming panels. Bra support and straps allow you to wear your own bra. Indulge in this slimming secret now; buy in nude too.





    Naomi and Nicole Soft and Smooth Nude Hi-Waist Brief

    A favourite with women everywhere since Mary Quant first lead the mini revolution back in the swinging 60s. Nothing says fashion savy female like a classic mini dress and nothing shows off polished pins better.





    Key Issue:

    If you’re wearing a mini chances are your legs are one of your favourite features. With that in mind you may need a little extra boost to give you the beautiful body to match those perfect pins.

    The Solution:

    Naomi and Nicole Soft and Smooth Nude Hi-Waist BriefNaomi and Nicole Soft and Smooth nude hi-waist brief comes in soft, seem free design that slims the tummy, hips and derriere. Wonderful edge technology prevents the leg line from riding up. Buy today with similarly useful nude waist cincher.






    plunge dressWhat better way to celebrate your curves than with a plunge neck dress? Revealing a little tasteful cleavage is a sure fire hit with your other half, the perfect way to add sex appeal to any occasion and just the thing to bring out your inner bond girl.





    Key issue:

    You want to showcase your cleavage not your lingerie. Nothing says amateur like a visible bra and a low cut dress. You need a bra that is low enough to remain invisible but supportive enough to give your cleavage the shape and support it needs so you can look your very breast, ahem best.

    The Solution:

    Gossard Retrolution Black Padded Staylo SlipGossard Retrolution Staylo slip features moulded, underwired nude bra cups overlaid with black lace cut in in a deeply plunging v-neckline that extends into a fitted black and nude slip. Perfect for wearing under your favourite low cut dress. Treat yourself to this sexy piece now; buy with matching thong.





    retro dress, lingerie solution, retro lingerie, shape wear, long line bra

    With shows like Madmen becoming deeply ingrained in our style subconscious there’s no getting away from the fabulous retro style dresses of a bygone era. The key to pulling off a real retro look is often not the dress itself but the supporting garments.





    Key Issues:

    Women from the 50’s wore much more structured lingerie than we do today. The key to the look is a cinched waist and perky bustline. The hourglass reigns when it comes to retro dressing so you need something that gives you a more defined shape than the modern woman.

    The Solution:

    What Katie Did Kate Black Longline Cone Bra

    What Katie Did Kate black longline cone bra features the same conical bra cups as the iconic WKD cone bra now with an elegant longline body. Hook and eye front fastenings make this easy to take on and off. Love the look? Buy yours today with matching panty girdle.The perfect piece to create a subtle retro silhouette. Complete your vintage look, buy yours today.



    Grab your lingerie supporting garments now to ensure you look and feel your very best.

    *New customers only

  • A guide to Shapewear

    Let’s go back to the olden days when woman used to wear corsets so tight that they would damage their organs, crush ribs and faint numerous times a day, just to look good in their massive frocks.

    Luckily for us ladies in the 21st century we have managed to step away from the iron and whalebone corsets and there is something called shapewear.

    For those who aren't quite sure what shapewear is, it is an undergarment which is designed to alter the shape of your body to create a smooth look for a certain period of time.

    Body Wrap Shapewear Ivory The Catwalk High-Waist Long Leg Panty
















    Wearing shapewear seems to have become somewhat of a trend nowadays especially in Hollywood. You can spot a glimpse of thigh slimmers and control slips, left, right and centre. How else do you think the red carpet tredders look so amazing in their tight dresses?

    Even though popularity has risen, in the UK we are still a bit hesitant when it comes to shapewear. According to research by Mintel (April 2013), shapewear garments are mainly worn by women who are 55+ and only 1 in 8 women has ever bought shapewear for themselves. Further research found that three fifths of women state that advice on the best underwear to improve your shape, such as shapewear, would encourage them to buy more.

    Here at Mio Destino we want to set some myths straight and convince you that shapewear can be sexy, covers your problem areas and adds an extra layer of confidence.

    Let’s get one thing smoothed over first, shapewear is not a substitute for the gym or dieting. These undergarments will not make you lose weight. However they will make your figure look smoother and can create that desired hourglass shape most women are after.

    We won’t lie, it’s not going to be an easy ride getting shapewear on. But when you think about it, that makes perfect sense because you’re trying to hide unwanted lumps and bumps so you need a bit of force to smooth them out. Plus most women have not been told how to put on shapewear correctly and therefore end up missing out on the benefits of these great garments.

    Here are some of our tips which will help you with your new shapewear.

    The first tip we want to give you is, always step into shapewear and pull it up over the hips to avoid trapping your head and arms. Another good tip is to bunch up the shapewear, just like you do with tights or leggings, and putting it on whilst gradually releasing the tight fabric. Most shapewear garments come with instructions, these are there for a reason and we advise you to follow them.

    When it comes to sizing you don’t want to go for a bigger size because you think it might be more comfortable. If you wear shapewear that is too big a fit it will move around your body, wrinkle or twist. Plus it won’t provide the right level of support that you are looking for.

    Buying shapewear that is a smaller size than you usually wear will not provide you with more support either. It will just not fit and feel very uncomfortable. Shapewear that is too tight will most likely cut of your circulation, pinch your skin and create bulges (which you are trying to get rid of).

    So instead of going for a smaller size go for your correct size with firmer support. Support at Mio Destino ranges from light control to extra control and there are a range of brands available such as Spanx, Miraclesuit and Naomi & Nicole.

    Going with the least coverage as possible is the key to comfort, when it comes to shapewear. Take a good look at each body part, even if it’s not a factor that made you decide to buy the shapewear in the first place, determine if it should be included in the shapewear or not. For example if you want a slimmer waist you really don’t need to buy a full bodysuit, this will probably make you feel uncomfortable and you won’t be happy with the result as you’re not correcting your problem area.

    Take a look at our Help Guide page to see which shapewear garments you should be wearing with your body hangups.

  • Slim with Spanx

    If they are good enough for Gwyneth Paltrow, Oprah and Julia Roberts, Spanx is good enough for Mio Destino customers! The renowned comfort and secure fit of Spanx shapewear makes them the best confident boost a woman needs before leaving the house!

    Below are our favourite products from the Spanx's bestsellers list

    Slimplicity Open-Bust Full Slip

    Spanx Simplicity Open Bust Nude Slip

    If you need any shapewear, it is the Spanx Slimplicity Open Bust Full Slip! With its super slimming level, the slip will give you a sleek and smooth silhouette under your clothes. The shapewear concentrates on the midriff and thighs with its built-in panty to give you extra tummy control!  You will not be left hot and bothered with the cool fabric which is breathable under skirts or dresses. Featuring a open bust, the slip allows you to feel confident in your favourite bust boosting bra to maximise your figure!

    Spanx Super Higher Power Bare Brief

    Spanx Super Higher Power Bare Brief

    The Spanx Super Higher Power Bare Brief is a girl's best friend! This shapewear is perfect for your little black dress with the soft and securely fitted waistband. The shapewear brief slims the midriff and shapes the stomach. Featuring non-binding legbands, the super higher power brief will give a sleek silhouette to any outfit. Made with 100% cotton, the briefs are breathable and comfortable if you want to wear jeans for a more casual look.

    Spanx Slimmer and Shine Open Bust Black Bodysuit

    Spanx Slimmer and Shine Open Bust Black Bodysuit

    The Spanx Slimmer and Shine Open Bust Black Bodysuit is ideal if you want to smooth your tummy and hip area. The fabric used has compression zones which target your torso and transform your shape for the ultimate wow factor. This fabulous bodysuit will do wonders to your ego and derriere with its bottom pockets which gives it a cheeky boost! With the engineered bust lift, you can dress to impress with a plunging neckline.

    Can't get enough of our shapewear? We also stock Naomi and Nicole, Body Wrap and Miraclesuit

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