Designer Lingerie

Designer Lingerie

  • Corsets are the perfect addition to a womans shapewear wardrobe.

    Mio Destino Overbust purple Corset with swarovski crystals Mio Destino Overbust Corset - perfect high fashion giving a woman an hourglass figure.

    A corset is a must have for the fashion conscious among us. They give a great hourglass shape and are real head turners. Once the preserve of the high-class dinner, dance they are now seen much more as an everyday staple.

    They are a must have in the goth, vintage, rockabilly/pinup, burlesque or steampunk scenes and many women chose them as bridal wear.

    Corsetry has a long and rich history and is very much in vogue now as the most glamorous of shapewear.

    There are many colours, materials, shapes and styles to suit all tastes and they can be seen adorning women wearing everything from jeans to a ballgown.

    The different types of corset include:


    Flat-front style corsets – with a strong Victorian influence.

    Sweetheart neckline corsets. A popular choice for brides.

    Overbust Corsets - Cupped corsets with built-in pads and the sensual Lingerie corsets which are often worn with a G-string with either built-in or detachable garters to hold up your stockings.

    Underbust Corsets -The Longline, Cincher, Halter and Cross-back style corsets, Waspie, Waist trainers and the Bodice.

    Why not look at the Mio Destino Corsets ?

    We are sorry to note that Cazar lingerie, the online German fashion website has now closed down. It was one of the early, front-runners in the online intimate apparel sector and will be sorely missed.

  • Say a big thank you to today's beautiful lingerie on National Underwear Day

    So today is national underwear day! A day of much celebration here at Mio Destino. We know a good lingerie set can make you look and feel fabulous all day, which is why it deserves a whole day of praise. It is an exciting time in the world of lingerie, full of so many stunning colours, beautiful materials and sassy designs for you to fall in love with.

    It seems fitting for the day that we take a little moment to think about just how much lingerie has developed over these past few decades. Of course ladies have been using garments to strap down their bust for a long long time, most likely dating back to ancient eras. However, it may be hard to believe, but the first bra with cups and straps which separates and lifts the breasts was first created in 1914.

    An American lady named Mary Phelps Jacob attached two handkerchiefs together and made shoulder straps from ribbons to make the first concept of a modern day bra. It was a convenient solution to wear with her sheer evening dress, as a corset was sticking out in all the wrong places. Her creation was a success, and the idea soon spread. Mary ran a small business selling her invention which she called Caresse Crosby. She sold the business to Warner’s in 1935, who then introduced cup sizing, creating A, B and C cups. It was not until 1939 that the word bra was even introduced to our English dictionary!

    Now take a look at the twentieth century. We can enjoy gorgeous silks, sexy laces and soft tulles in any shape or style we desire! Here at Mio Destino, we think that is something worth celebrating.

  • Surprise her with a luxurious gift.

    Eyemask Sexy womans eyemask


    It's not always easy choosing the perfect Christmas gift for your partner, girlfriend or wife. Chocolates are yummy but are gone so quickly, flowers are fun but fade before the season is out and you can only smell perfume…..but what about designer lingerie? It’s elegant, stylish can be worn year round and it is sure to bring a smile to any woman’s heart.

    Just be careful, remember you are buying for her and not for you. It’s fine to get her lingerie that you find pleasing, but make sure you both do. Take a peek in her lingerie drawer, but don’t get caught as it could prove difficult to explain. See what she likes to wear and what she feels comfortable and feminine in. Be sure of the sizes. Find out what lingerie brands she currently likes and why not search for similar brands to add some spice to her Christmas present.

    Maybe she likes more luxurious brands like Lise Charmel? Would she prefer something cosy like some pyjamas or a robe to snuggle up in? Maybe she would like something elegant but doesn’t like to buy it for herself but would love it as a present.

    Whatever you do, look for something stylish and pretty and something that will make her smile this Christmas. The real secret to the perfect Christmas present is to take your time and really think about her and what would make her happy, because it will make you happy too.

    We hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  • Stockings and suspender belts. Which will you be wearing.....

    Suspender belts and stockings Sexy suspender belts are perfect for a romantic interlude.


    Suspender belts are immensely popular with women and their admirers. Suspender belts, or suspenders as they are often known, are an essential article from a woman’s lingerie wardrobe. They are often made in silks, satins, mesh and elasticated fabric and tend to be made of a piece of fabric that is normally 2 to 3 inches wide which runs around the waist and just above the hips. Some retro or fashionable suspender belt designs can have a much wider piece of fabric and though black is very popular can come in wildly exotic and erotic colours. From this strip of fabric hang 2, 3 and 4 suspender elasticated straps on each side and these are often proportionally much smaller than the waist strip. A suspender belt should be closely shaped to the contours of the woman’s body. Each suspender belt strap is firmly clipped to the top of the stockings with the use of suspender slings, metal clips and a rubber disc which are attached to an adjustable elastic strip.. These are normally attached to a length of elastic allowing for adjustment.

    The suspender belts should be worn at the waist and slightly above the hips to prevent it being pulled down by the stockings. Certain women’s garments such as girdles and corselettes often come with suspender slings attached. These garments are often worn as shapewear to give a woman the perfect hourglass figure.

    Modern women tend to wear pantyhose, tights or hold-ups rather than stockings and suspenders for daily wear. However, many women will wear stockings and suspenders for a romantic interlude as they are widely appreciated by men who find them sensual and very alluring.

    What set of stockings and suspender belts will you be wearing this Festive season?


  • Why Matching Your Bra and Pants Is Better For Your Mental Health

    Mio Classic Indian Summer Beige and Black Floral Bra

    We all know that feeling when we buy a new set of matching lingerie. The endorphin rush that inevitably follows the purchase; mental images of romantic nights filled with candles, champagne and Mr Right come flooding into our minds along with the sudden feeling that we have all the sex appeal of a genetic cross between Beyoncé and Scarlet Johansson.

    Here are our top 5 reasons why matching lingerie makes for a better mental state and top 5 matching lingerie sets to go with them. Choose your favourite then sign up to the Mio mailing list here to get 10% off* your purchase.

    1. You love having a secret

    You love having this little secret, a private knowledge you don’t even need to share for it to be enjoyed. Put on a matching lingerie set and bam, you feel instantly prettier, sexier, more put together, prepared for the day ahead be it the commute to work, that conversation with your boss or evening drinks. Sometimes the best treats are the secret ones.

    Gossard Flower Rush Pink Floral Print Padded Plunge Bra

    Gossard Flower Rush Pink Floral Print Padded Plunge Bra







    2.You look and feel Confident

    Matching lingerie says, ‘hey man, I’ve got it together, I know what I’m doing, what I like and what I want. I’m sexy through and through’. Okay, lingerie doesn’t talk, but if it could you know this is what a matching set would be saying. Acting confident is halfway to being confident so find your perfect set now.

    Gossard Opulence Black Padded Plunge Bra

     Gossard Opulence Black Padded Plunge Bra








    3.You double your sexy statement

    The dress slips from your shoulders revealing your perfectly chosen sexy bra, he’s in awe, you’ve got his attention and your feeling pretty sexy but wait! The dress slips to the floor pooling around your perfectly poised stilettos thus revealing your matching panties, double whammy, he’s putty in your hands. Ego boost? We think so.


    Ambra Secret Feelings Blue Balcony Non Padded Bra







    4.You feel calmer

    You know that mad panic to get dressed in the morning, the bleary eyed struggle to pull together a great outfit on a Monday morning? Well if your bra and pants match its half as hard to choose your undies, less decisions at 6am make for a calmer, happier you.


    Mio Sexy Aqua blue Sorbet Sheer bra and Brief Set







    5.You express yourself

    We’re all about self-expression at Mio Destino. Whether you’re a naughty but nice kinda gal or a sweet n’ sexy girl next door we believe you should let your lingerie express your personality, mood and desires and what better why to create a defining sense of self than matching your bra and panties?


    Antigel Divine Lakshmi Fuschia Full Cup Bra








    So go on ladies, put a spring in your step, buy your favourite matching set now. It won’t create world peace or win you a Nobel prize but it might just give you a boost and and improve your mental state.

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