Why Matching Your Bra and Pants Is Better For Your Mental Health

Mio Classic Indian Summer Beige and Black Floral Bra

We all know that feeling when we buy a new set of matching lingerie. The endorphin rush that inevitably follows the purchase; mental images of romantic nights filled with candles, champagne and Mr Right come flooding into our minds along with the sudden feeling that we have all the sex appeal of a genetic cross between Beyoncé and Scarlet Johansson.

Here are our top 5 reasons why matching lingerie makes for a better mental state and top 5 matching lingerie sets to go with them. Choose your favourite then sign up to the Mio mailing list here to get 10% off* your purchase.

1. You love having a secret

You love having this little secret, a private knowledge you don’t even need to share for it to be enjoyed. Put on a matching lingerie set and bam, you feel instantly prettier, sexier, more put together, prepared for the day ahead be it the commute to work, that conversation with your boss or evening drinks. Sometimes the best treats are the secret ones.

Gossard Flower Rush Pink Floral Print Padded Plunge Bra

Gossard Flower Rush Pink Floral Print Padded Plunge Bra







2.You look and feel Confident

Matching lingerie says, ‘hey man, I’ve got it together, I know what I’m doing, what I like and what I want. I’m sexy through and through’. Okay, lingerie doesn’t talk, but if it could you know this is what a matching set would be saying. Acting confident is halfway to being confident so find your perfect set now.

Gossard Opulence Black Padded Plunge Bra

 Gossard Opulence Black Padded Plunge Bra








3.You double your sexy statement

The dress slips from your shoulders revealing your perfectly chosen sexy bra, he’s in awe, you’ve got his attention and your feeling pretty sexy but wait! The dress slips to the floor pooling around your perfectly poised stilettos thus revealing your matching panties, double whammy, he’s putty in your hands. Ego boost? We think so.


Ambra Secret Feelings Blue Balcony Non Padded Bra







4.You feel calmer

You know that mad panic to get dressed in the morning, the bleary eyed struggle to pull together a great outfit on a Monday morning? Well if your bra and pants match its half as hard to choose your undies, less decisions at 6am make for a calmer, happier you.


Mio Sexy Aqua blue Sorbet Sheer bra and Brief Set







5.You express yourself

We’re all about self-expression at Mio Destino. Whether you’re a naughty but nice kinda gal or a sweet n’ sexy girl next door we believe you should let your lingerie express your personality, mood and desires and what better why to create a defining sense of self than matching your bra and panties?


Antigel Divine Lakshmi Fuschia Full Cup Bra








So go on ladies, put a spring in your step, buy your favourite matching set now. It won’t create world peace or win you a Nobel prize but it might just give you a boost and and improve your mental state.

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