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What is it about guys that makes them go wild at the thought of a woman in stockings. The very word stockings seems to affect them deep down in the depths of their psyche. Is it some primordial urge that sends a man gaga at the sight of a pair of fishnets or a silk seamed stocking? If we could find a caveman, and WOW we ladies know there's still plenty of them around these days, would he drop his club and would his eyes glaze over in the same way a stockbroker in his pinstripe suit rotates his head in the opposite way to his direction of travel as he 'locks on' to a woman as she paces past him in sexy stockings and a, naughty but nice, short skirt.

What is it about stockings that seems to have more appeal than the bare leg or tights? Colour does seem to effect the male of the species in stocking land.

The universal colour of danger in the animal kingdom, red, seems to hold a strange attraction to the male. A woman in red stockings may spell danger, and they know they shouldn't, but the poor loves they can't help the moth to the flame they are drawn to us.

I hear you ask - what about white stockings? Well, these too hold an attraction but why? Its difficult to know as men are cunning and hide their emotions and are frequently difficult to pin down, as we ladies know on many topics, commitment being the big no, no! White stockings may hold and allure because when these men were just born their first view of the world was when they were being spanked on their bottoms, when they had done nothing wrong - poor creatures, by a nurse in uniform, another trigger for men, wearing white stockings. No, wonder they are all mixed up!

And now we come to black stockings......Well, what can I say, except every woman should have several pairs in her lingerie armoury. Black stockings are required with those guys who are 'difficult to pin down' - if you take my meaning! They are the stealth fighter of the love game, the weapon of last resort with the most intransigent of men. Psychologists have tried to probe the depths of mankind to understand where the black stocking trigger in the male brain emanates from, but to no avail. It is sure to be one of the great unanswered questions of this century....... But ladies, who cares, all we need to know, is that it works.....and it does! They become putty in our hands - just where we want them! So ladies put down those chocolates and peel on those stockings and see what magic you can work!

These What Katie Did black seamed vintage stockings are tantalizingly erotic and utterly hypnotic. Utterly sheer and super sexy stockings!

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