Stockings and suspender belts. Which will you be wearing.....

Suspender belts and stockings Sexy suspender belts are perfect for a romantic interlude.


Suspender belts are immensely popular with women and their admirers. Suspender belts, or suspenders as they are often known, are an essential article from a woman’s lingerie wardrobe. They are often made in silks, satins, mesh and elasticated fabric and tend to be made of a piece of fabric that is normally 2 to 3 inches wide which runs around the waist and just above the hips. Some retro or fashionable suspender belt designs can have a much wider piece of fabric and though black is very popular can come in wildly exotic and erotic colours. From this strip of fabric hang 2, 3 and 4 suspender elasticated straps on each side and these are often proportionally much smaller than the waist strip. A suspender belt should be closely shaped to the contours of the woman’s body. Each suspender belt strap is firmly clipped to the top of the stockings with the use of suspender slings, metal clips and a rubber disc which are attached to an adjustable elastic strip.. These are normally attached to a length of elastic allowing for adjustment.

The suspender belts should be worn at the waist and slightly above the hips to prevent it being pulled down by the stockings. Certain women’s garments such as girdles and corselettes often come with suspender slings attached. These garments are often worn as shapewear to give a woman the perfect hourglass figure.

Modern women tend to wear pantyhose, tights or hold-ups rather than stockings and suspenders for daily wear. However, many women will wear stockings and suspenders for a romantic interlude as they are widely appreciated by men who find them sensual and very alluring.

What set of stockings and suspender belts will you be wearing this Festive season?


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