Perfumes Become More Intense For Winter

Perfumes will be getting more intense this winter and have promises of lasting longer so that you can wear them right to the end of those festive gatherings. Many perfumes we know and love have had a make-over to create the headiest range ready for the party season.

Dior have extended their scent Poison to include Poison Elixirs, these new elixirs take on the elements of Poison original scents: Midnight, Exotic and Pure Poison. The new perfumes are more concentrated and last longer than any eau du parfum! Marc Jacob’s Daisy scent has transformed from a girly summer scent to a darker version of itself ready for the gloomy winter nights.

Look out for Thierry Mugler’s Angel scent as it has a special twist to it! As well as the perfume, you can purchase an Intense Diffusion System. This system is a set of body lotions to use under the actual scent, by using the lotions the perfume is evaporated less quickly and here’s the really clever part, they reactivate the scent when your body heat rises!

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