Mineral Make Up

Men will usually say that their girlfriends look better without make-up, and without clothes in fact! But even if you are wearing fabulous
lingerie and are totally body confident, we women will always feel more comfortable with make-up on.
With mineral make-up, it’s possible to keep skin feeling fresh and looking natural all day long. It doesn’t have the same ‘caked on’ effect that some make-up does. Mineral foundation has a natural, flawless coverage, and won’t slide off your face during the day or melt in the sun. Mineral make-up is literally ground up rocks, the bulk of the ingredients often being titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, and looks like a powder.

It can improve problem skin and is known to reduce acne and allergy induced irritation. It also won’t settle on fine lines like some foundations. Mineral make-up is available in foundations, blusher, bronzer, eye shadow and now lipstick. Cameron Diaz is just one fan and increasing numbers of make-up companies are becoming aware of the benefits. You do, however have to be cautious of products which say ‘mineral enriched’ because it will not have the same effect as full mineral make-up.

I have been using L’Oreal True Match Mineral foundation for some months and find it an excellent product if applied correctly (it comes with a brush). Other brands include, Bare Minerals whose slogan is ‘make-up so pure you can sleep in it’ which will make you feel less guilty if you forget to remove your make-up before curling up in your pyjamas, Mac Mineralize Skinfinish and Susan Posnick.

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