Make-up for Men

I used to find men in make-up slightly disturbing. Maybe it was the whole cross-dressing idea, or the concern with what they were trying to hide, but it didn’t seem right. How then, is it now so cool? And what’s more, why do I now like it so much?

It has become far more acceptable in the modern generation for men to enjoy grooming, and even using make-up. Celebrities such as Noel Fielding, Pete Wentz and the one and only Russell Brand have made men in make-up the norm.

Most men just want to look healthy and clean, so toners, moisturisers and bronzers can create that manly glow. YSL recently launched the Touche Eclat for Men, £22, which seems like a great idea. If women get to hide the bags under their eyes, why can’t men do the same? For guys that want the rock star look, there are especially for men mascaras and eyeliners easily available on the High Street. Superdrug has launched a range called Taxi London, which includes an eyeliner, mascara and concealer for £6.50 each. Creator of the range, Peter Kelly said, “The old stereotypes are being thrown out of the window. There’s a new breed of young men who are comfortable with face scrubs, masks and moisturisers and want to take it one step further”.

It definitely seems that the gap between men and women is getting smaller and smaller. But if there’s one thing that will always belong to the girls, it’s gorgeous lingerie. Men just don’t have the body for it! Browse Mio Destino's collection of beautiful lingerie today!

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