Corset - Katie Price is popping out!

Velda Lauder corset


As both Jordan and Katie Price the former glamour model is famed for her barely there outfits and there has been many a moment when Katie Price has nearly ‘fallen out’ of an outfit. With a new book about to launch you would think she would make more effort to stay in her clothes but in true Jordan style she was photographed in London this week in a black corset and feather dress which could hardly retain her over-enhanced breasts.

Worryingly, out next week is Katie’s ‘style guide’ called Standing Out, which takes a look over her wardrobe and it’s development over the years. Offering readers advice on how to recreate the Jordan look, how to pick the perfect bridal dress and offering cosmetic surgery advice.

The book includes Katie’s Ten Style Commandments, which include things like ‘don’t forget to look in the mirror’. At this commandment Katie raises the point – there’s being confident and there’s being deluded. Which in turn, raises the question in our mind – is Miss Price deluded?

However, that said over the years Katie’s business brains have led to her amassing an impressive fortune and this latest publication once again illustrates that she certainly knows how to take advantage of the public’s interest in her!

Most importantly what every glamour girl knows is that if you’re going to wear an itsy, bitsy tiny outfit then you have to have the right lingerie and a well fitting corset! This is the perfect set for under a cute cocktail dress.

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