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High up over Sydney, Australia a glamorous fashion shoot took place with a pretty young model in a tight laced corset posing, happily holding two huge balloons flying in the wind.

The model in question is world famous Victoria Secret model Miranda Kerr, known for her girl next-door looks and ‘curvy’ (in model terms) figure. However, it seems that Miranda’s quest to make the transition from commercial model to couture star have led to a dramatic weight loss. Whilst being ever the professional, posing and working with the camera the 26-year-old model cut a distinctly slimmer figure, verging on gaunt.

It is notoriously hard for Victoria Secret models to move from the commercial world to that of high-end fashion, with only the likes of Brazilian supermodel Giselle Bunchen ever truly breaking the high-end fashion snobs. According to the Daily Mail Karl Lagerfeld once dismissed fellow German Heidi Klum as 'bling bling' , deeming her more 'mannequin than model'.

It seems strange that Miranda should go to such extreme lengths to try and break into couture world. A former Maybelline model she is ranked as the world’s tenth highest earning model. Sadly it seems this is not enough.

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