Christmas Post Party SOS

It’s the time of year for parties and socialising. What with the work Christmas do, family dinners and catching up with friends, it’s a wonder if we can get out of bed by the time New Year comes around. Late nights, alcohol, stress and too many rich Christmas foods not only jeopardise your health but also can leave you looking drained, and your skin blotchy.

There’s help at hand though! Of course there’s still things you can do that don’t cost money like keeping your fruit and veg intake high, perhaps taking supplements and getting enough sleep when you can. Try to limit your stress levels as much as possible, it is Christmas after all, and although it may feel like there’s too much to do, everyone around you would much rather you enjoy yourself rather than be running to Tesco for extra napkins on Christmas eve because the ones you have are the wrong colour.

Remember to exfoliate your skin regularly, and don’t forget your face. Gentle exfoliation will get rid of old skin cells and give you a brighter, clearer complexion. Try the Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil Facial Exfoliater, £6.50. The tea tree will wake you up the next day. Or for all over exfoliation and super soft sweet smelling skin try, Kiehl’s Gently Exfoliating Body Scrub in Grapefruit, £20.

If you are going to use a face pack, remember its best to avoid it the day before a party because they bring spots to the surface. Use a hydrating moisturiser such as Skin Wisdom Perfecting Day Cream, £6.99. Brighten eyes with sparkling eye drops available from all chemists and supermarkets. For make up ensure that you have a good concealer to hide black circles under the eye and a flash of blusher will give you back a warm healthy glow.

Once you have finnished recovering from Christmas why not help yourself feel better by treating yourself to some lingerie from Mio Destino.

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