Candles to Set the Mood

Long gone are the days of candles being purely practical, now they are items of luxury and relaxation. Candles hold a lot of power in certain situations; they are associated with love, religion and grief. It sounds like a clique, but candles really do create a romantic mood. They are the finishing touch to a romantic meal, a sensual bubble bath or a fun night in the bedroom.

Some people hate them, deeming them pointless and dangerous; others can’t get enough of them and need them to feel relaxed and homely. Either way, candles automatically add warmth and serenity to a room, as well as filling the air with fragrance. Candles make lovely presents, especially an extra special one which someone might not be able to justify buying themselves.

Some of the most luxurious candles on the market this Christmas are Space NK’s Diptyque candles in amber, scotch pine and briar honey. The brand is a favourite of Alexa Chung and the sweet, fruity fragrance will be loved by parents and girlfriends alike. The design of the candle is very art deco, in gold, silver and black. It is available from for £40. Other brands to try include Jo Malone and The White Company.

To complete your gift this Christmas why not treat your special someone to some beautiful lingerie from Mio Destino!

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