Aubade brand brings us cherished French charm. It was established in 1958 by its founder Claude Pasquier. At Mio Destino, we love to discover brands from all around the world, and we have fallen in love with the romance and beauty of French designer lingerie. Aubade is no exception; the range is chic and luxurious and full of French fancy. It is hard to resist the allure of the high quality and glamour. Aubade offers expertly designed lingerie garments made from the most opulent and exquisite French materials. Their lingerie is adorned with devine laces and embroidery, and are crafted together with skill, precision and style. Aubade’s collection of underwear will set temperatures soaring with its lavish designs and flattering precise cuts. Love the vivid, contrasting adornment and sexy, playful detailing that characterise this range as radiant and sensual. Feel confident and sexy in the beautiful Aubade lingerie, crafted with your femininity in mind, to make you feel ravishingly gorgeous. Flaunt your feminine wiles in a sexy and daring gorgeous Aubade ensemble to set pulses racing. Also be sure to take a look at Aubade swimwear range in vivid colourful hues with eye catching detailing. These beautiful garments make a lovely gift for your loved ones, to make her day something sexy and fun that you will both enjoy.

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