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How To Select The Best Swimsuit For Your Body Type

When it comes to that time of the year again where you start thinking about parading your body on the beach in swimwear. Don't fret! Here at Mio Destino we have the perfect swimwear to make everybody look gorgeous.
Simply decide which body shape best describes you from the six body type images below and follow our guide!

Whether you have a Smaller Bust, Larger Bust, Larger Tummy, Narrow Hips, Larger Thighs or Larger Bottom we have hand-picked great designer swimwear for you.

Smaller Bust



You lucky thing!

A smaller bust can wear the most daring of swimwear, from bandeau or frilly to simple triangle bikini tops.

If you're self conscious about your bust (don't be!) you can try padded styles to give you that little extra bit of confidence.







Larger Bust



If you have a larger bust, triangle bikini tops are probably not going to give you enough support, especially if you're active on the beach!

Therefore, any of the Curvy Kate swimwear is going to work for you as they will give you that extra bit of support. 








Larger Tummy


Real women have a tummy!

If yours is your 'problem' area, and is something that you want to draw attention away from, try opting for a full bathing suit.
Go for one of the Miraclesuit swimsuits which claim to help you “lose 10 pounds in 10 minutes”.
Moontide is also a great swimwear brand you can choose from.

If you don't want to wear a swimsuit then opt for a sexy halter top. This will draw attention upwards from your tummy to your brilliant cleavage. Or go for a cami top to hide any lumps or bumps.






Narrow Hips



If your hips are narrow and look disproportionate to the rest of your body, try filling that area out with low slung swimsuit of bikini bottoms.

Boy style shorts look great on this body shape, as do bottoms with little skirts or added frills. You can afford to draw attention to this area!









Larger Thighs



Contrary to popular belief, if you have larger thighs, you should steer clear of boy shorts. They cut you leg off at a point which makes your thighs seem larger than they are and make your legs look shorter.

To make your legs look longer and slimmer, go for higher cut style briefs.







Larger Bottom



If your bottom is something that you wish to draw attention away from, try a boy short. This will cover the area and leave you without the worry of a dreaded 'bottom munch' on your bikini briefs!